Alcyone(Al·cy·o·ne{al-sy'-uh-nee}) Systems is a leading technology provider of wireless networking & navigational systems for the emerging First Responder market. Alcyone Systems has developed a revolutionary technology capable of locating first responders within 1 meter accuracy in structures and urban canyons where GPS or other location technologies fail.

We have customers worldwide ranging from Law Enforcement, Fire Departments to Correction Facilities.


Alcyone’s 3D Locator™ System enables First Responders to wear a device which will identify the current location of each rescue team member (in three dimensions) to the incident command post outside the building.

Our 3D Locator™ System also provides real time status (health and motion) information on each team member along with conditions of the exit path, thereby providing emergency exit guidance (back-tracking) to each team member via synthesized voice commands.

This information is continuously monitored by the incident command post using our advanced base station technology.

Our system also provides "homing" signals to guide searchers in locating firefighters in trouble.

Key characteristics of Alcyone’s 3D Locator™ System is the autonomous operation, maximum utilization of sensor data, sharing of navigation information across the network, complete visibility of navigation data at the base station, no required infrastructure, and a robust implementation that allows participants to seamlessly enter or leave the navigation network


With some of the most sought after minds in the industry, Alcyone Systems brings the in-depth level of expertise needed to accelerate the deployment of our innovative 3D location tracking systems for the First Responders and Homeland Security sectors.

We have over 100 accumulative years in the industry having worked on the most advanced wireless networking solutions and navigational systems.




At Alcyone Systems we keep abreast of the industry trends and events that shape the future of new technologies. For a schedule of events for 2006-07 and the latest technology news read more in our industry news and events page.



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Alcyone Systems has affiliates and partners world wide connected to the most sought after technology leaders in the industry.

Headquartered in Plymouth, New Hampshire, we engage with clients world wide through our international network.



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